Jodie Foster Bares Her Boobs

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Jodie Foster exposes her mouth-watering breasts yet again! Jodie, who made her mark as the vulnerable teenage prostitute saved by Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver, looks extremely sexy and yummy in these topless pictures. If you need more proof of Jodie Foster’s hotness, then just click on the link and check out the whole collection of Jodie Foster naked images.

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Jodie Foster exudes so much sex appeal in this set of nude photos. With her piercing eyes and seductive looks, she can bedazzle any man (or woman, if you believe all those lesbian rumors) that she wants. In the couple of pics shown in this post, it’s enough to prove that Jodie Foster is one of the hottest women in the world today.

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Jodie Foster won an Oscar for her nuanced performance in The Accused where she got gang-banged on top of a pinball machine by a bunch of horny men. If you want to see more Jodie Foster nude photos, just click on the link.

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